About 01 Recovery

You might have gone through the chaotic situation of accidental deletion of data. There are many reasons due to which valuable data is lost. Human error and technical failure are among the major causes of data loss. Do you want to get back all your data? 01Recovery software is what you require.


Unlike other softwares, we at 01 Recovery provide you the software for free. Yes, you heard it! We are giving you something priceless without a price! We are a group of computer geeks who know how important it is to keep all the data in our systems without corruption and deletion issues. Most of the deletion is accidental therefore cannot possibly be predicted. For this very reason, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide people like us the ability to recover all the data we have lost accidentally.


Providing access to something like recovery software, we did not believe in charging a fee. We think it is the right of all computer users to gain access to recovery software without paying for it. Storing data does not require money; why should recovering it cost so? Now you can get all your data recovered in no time with our free of cost software. We provide this software for recovery from all storing devices and areas. You can get back data lost from USB drives, memory cards, hidden files, storage units and android devices. You can now visit our website and get back all the data you have lost. You can get back pictures, files, PDF files, images, documents and many other data forms that can be stored anywhere.


Many people have posted testimonials after using our recovery software. If you have any other questions regarding the use of our software, you can check out our website and have a look at what we have to say. The 01 Recovery software is the best recovery software available up to date that not only helps you gain back lost data but does so for free. What could you possibly want more? Log on to our website now and download this software instantly to get back all those lost memories in different devices.