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  • John Wilson-Omaha, Nebraska    (2014-09-06)    

    I did an update on my iPad and for some reason all of my data was lost. I looked at my latest backup for my iCloud account and it had a majority of the data but not all of it. I had heard of problems happening when you do updates but until now I never personally encountered a problem with this. I consulted a friend who knew more about computers then I did and he recommended me to try out the 01Recovery Software. I Google 01Recovery Software and came to their website. A couple of things I noticed right away was the bold lettering where they guaranteed their results with a money back guarantee. II also liked that you received free upgrades as well as free tech support by e-mail. What stuck out the most though was their statement that said “We will recover your file or we will refund your money.” Any company with that type of confidence shows me that they know their product will work. The price was more than reasonable, but I still decided to do a try before you buy just so that I would not have to go through the refund process if it did not work. Not only did it work, but the process was quick and easy. I think what I like most is that the program comes with three licenses so I can use these on multiple devices inside of our home. This is a great data recovery program that comes backed up by a great company that stands behind their product 100%.

  • Susan Riley-Providence, Rhode Island    (2014-04-08)    

    I love technology but I hate that I depend on it so much to store many important documents as well as irreplaceable photos. I recently had an experience that reinforced my frustration for technology when things go wrong. Previously when things go wrong I take it down to my computer repair store and usually pay a hefty fee or what I like to call a fine for things not going the way they are supposed to. I had lost a bunch of my files and I knew that I needed someone to look at it to recover them. What I did not know was about 01Recovery. I accidentally came across this miraculous program that made it easy for people like me to recover lost documents. I was amazed at how low the cost was compared to taking my computer to a computer repair store. I bought the program immediately. I figured if it did not work properly I could always get a refund, but I was so excited in finding a solution that was much cheaper than my previous solutions that I decided what the heck. The program came immediately to my e-mail as soon as I ordered it. It was very easy to install. I started the program which followed by what I thought were simple steps to recovering the data. It was really great and the experience form beginning to end was simple. I could not be happier recommending this program and hopefully saving some people money in the process.

  • George DeLeon, Dallas, Texas    (2014-04-08)    

    We run a small store that relies on computers for storing our sales, reports and customer information. When doing our newsletter to let our customer know about our latest promotions our computers ended up crashing. This had all of our customers contact information as well as our sales reports and current inventory that we just finished putting into our system. This cost a lot of hours of labor not to mention that if we could not get our customers data back we had no way to contact them. We have so many customers it would be next to impossible to redo all of their records. I shopped around and the prices for having a technician come out to recover our data was way to much. However, I could not afford not to have someone do it. Before hiring a technician I looked to see if there was some way I could do it myself. I was hoping there was some solution to help me cut some costs from having to have someone come to my shop and recover the data. I came across 01Recovery and the price for the Pro version was much cheaper. Not only that but they let me try it out for free. This was a much better option then what I was facing with having to pay someone to come out to my store. Luckily enough we were able to recover our lost files. 01Recovery was a huge help to my business and saved me a lot of money at the same time.

Specific Modules To Help Recover Data From Different Devices Loaded With Windows Or Mac OS
01Recovery is a Data Recovery Software aimed to help people get over the fear of losing information and perform their best, It is a complete and competent recovery software that enables clients to not worry in the least when there's a malfunction with their computer. No matter what conditions gave way to loss of data, 01Recovery is intelligent enough to remanufacture the information right back to the condition before it was loss. This means accidently deleting files, having a damaged hard drive, or a disrupted partition; is no more a problem.

01Recovery is designed to work on multiple devices besides desktops and laptops. It's equally effective on mobile phones, cameras and other devices. This amazing software comes in versions both paid and free, the free version allowing you to recover up to 1 GB of data.
    Iphone Recovery
    data recovery
    The iPhone Data Recovery Software is completely specially designed for data recovery from the iPhone iOS system. Compared to other common data recovery software, it has more powerful iPhone data recovery support ability. As long as recovery at the first place after the data loss problem happened, it can do its best to recover the accidental deleted iPhone data.
    Card Recovery
    data recovery
    Card Data Recovery software restores deleted data from all sorts of memory cards be it SD cards, TF cards, flash drives, memory sticks or any other device. Compatible with most card and able to read data without ado, this software helps recover accidentally deleted data within minutes. Simple and very effective for data recovery.
    Photo Recovery
    photo recovery
    The Photo Recovery software is an advanced tool which is designed for varying digital formats and is compatible with most of them. It safely recovers deleted photos without compromising security of the hard disk or the memory device. With advanced targeted core technology, recovery of all the images is now possible and with complete ease.
    USB Recovery
    usb recovery
    USB drives, since are portable and carried around frequently, have the tendency to encounter breakdown and failure which leads to loss of important data. USB data recovery software provides sanctuary by recovering the damaged information and deleted software without infecting the system in any way. With the use of advanced USB data recovery technology, restoring data is very simple.
    Android Recovery
    android recovery
    Android recovery software is designed to recover all sorts of data on the android software which includes music, videos, apps and games. The software provides a detailed scanning and understanding of the system and recovers important data immediately. Recovery of all kinds of data is possible with this software.
    File Recovery
    file recovery
    Recovering different formats of files on the system is possible with the file recovery data software. The software locates the files and the core technology helps in recovering accidentally deleted files. Maximum data can be easily recovered with the help of this file recovery software.
Flexible Pricing To Fit Your Needs
License Type Free 1Year Per Pro Enterprise
Deep data scanning ,complete data recovery 100 percent
Recover Unlimited amount of data 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Supported Windows Operating Systems(32 & 64 bit)
For Business
Software upgrade service 
Technical support on demand
Number of supported PCs 1 1 3 3 Unlimited
License Period / 1 Year Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Price Free $29.99 $39.99 $59.99 $299.99
was $39.99 was $59.99 was $99.99 was $399.99
30-Day Money Back Guarantee /
Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
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